The sanskrit word “Yoga” has many meanings–to control, to yoke, or to unite. If you want to learn Yoga, you ?rst need to know something about concentration. An undisciplined mind, the kind most of us have, tends to shift continually from one object to another. Steadying the mind by focusing it helps one to continually and gradually overcome this ever-wandering habit of the mind. After prolonged practice, the mind is able to focus on one object for longer and longer intervals, leading to an uninterrupted ?ow on concentration. When the mind is quiet and open, one is able to ?ll up with understanding, wisdom, and love. Yoga is a 5,000-year-old Indian practice, which through the practice of postures (asanas), pranayama, and chanting re-awakens the depth of an endless well of compassion that resides within us all. No one can do this practice for another; it has to be done by each individual. As with most obstacles and challenges in life, the support and guidance of a patient teacher will cultivate mental balance and happiness.

The practice of Yoga will open you physically, mentally, and spiritually. Jessica?s approach to teaching is compassionate and authentic. Her classes are fun, heart opening, challenging, and empathetic. She acknowledges and understands life?s challenges and the dif?culties in maintaining balance. There is balance in moderation with everything through our experiences. Her philosophy is to restore and heal the body, mind, and spirit with fresh alignment by initiating movement with breath, directing the mind without distraction, and focusing on graceful transitions in life and on the mat.

“Life is not about getting there; it?s how we do it. With Yoga life becomes fun, focused, and productive, empowered by truth and love. We are living in a time of great change and are hopeful for freedom. This begins with liberating ourselves from suffering. Feeling all sensations as they rise and fall without judgement will transcend us to liberation (Moksha). Understanding that which is coming is coming and that everything is happening just as it?s supposed to can lead us to peace upon peace. Yoga is the greatest gift I have received. I would like to offer its amazing bene?ts to all on this journey to the heart.”  ~ Namaste