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The need to help one’s self may arise in each person’s life, when help is needed for the greater good of all the most. I have reflected on this topic. My intent is to share my knowledge through a humanistic experience on the subject. This month creative writing, journaling, inner work, and completing tasks have helped me through challenging moments. When a Mercury retrograde takes a person into the shadow of their soul. It reveals what is not working properly, it can for some be quite an obstacle to overcome. I have noticed a change in myself through the years past, referring to how I deal with Mercury retrograde. One helpful tool to prepare ahead, is to mark the calendar, so one may aim to plan ahead of time. This action, will eliminate the surprise, but not gift the skills on how to carefully maneuver one’s self through with ease.

As a Yogi practices posture, knowing the pre-determined amount of breaths, it isn’t the knowing of the number of breaths that helps one move with grace. Just as knowing when retrograde is scheduled to happen doesn’t necessarily help one move through it. Each breath must consciously center the mind, so the physicality of the pose does not hurt. I look to the first limb, Yama: Ahimsa/ cause no harm in the limbs of the practice so that we slow down and breathe in harmony with our heart and spirit. Maneuvering into and especially out of posture in truth and love.

Now, listen, causing no harm is a skill worth developing! That skill can be useful to help one’s self through any retrograde, any moment, with anyone during the course of life. Saving countless negative reactions and dramatization from our human views of the actions caused by universal maneuvers. Then, next time Mercury performs or moves backwards for us, we become less and less affected by the shadow, the dark matter. A vast amount of patience and control of emotional responses are necessary when judgement, communication, scheduling, and transportation are all in shadow. One can protect one’s self from countless errors and frustrations.

Keep in mind, even when life feels all backwards and unjust, that it is never too late to get back on track and make things right again. It is up to each individual on the path to yoga to be accountable for their mistakes along the way. That is what retrograde teaches us; to be responsible in the seat of the soul. The work can be as simple as recognizing the actions of others and seeing that there’s not much we can always do. Instead look within your own self to realize there is a better way to avoid the consequences of others mistakes during Mercury retrograde.


“I do, release and forgive all the actions of others which shadow harm.”


Result, you may find by centering, meditating, and a healthy practice, those positive attributes will free you from obstacles on the path!

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