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“Shakti” is from sanskrit, meaning “to be able.”  It is a sacred force that lies within us, manifesting our creative power.  Shakti is energy, the primal force of life that underlies all existence.  She is the the sun, the fragrant flowers, the essence of trees, and cool ocean breezes.

In our daily Yoga practice it is important to listen to the needs of our body, and the needs of our body are the needs of Shakti.  This is how we tend to the agni (the fire) within us and prana around us.  When practicing Yoga this month, let’s dedicate our practice to Shakti.  Take time to smell the flowers, walk in the woods, or share moments with the ones you love.  It’s amazing what can happen once the words “I can’t” are eliminated from our vocabulary.  This is an example of honoring Shakti!  Be kind and self-loving in your Yoga practice, and watch how your energy can shift out of old habit patterns and in to new positive progressions.  We are on our way to consciousness and bliss everyday.  Namaste…J

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