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I first entered the caverns and gazed upon “Dream Lake.”  The essence of the waters was hopeful.  Mirror reflections of stalactites on the lake symbolize a perfect symmetrical spaciousness of heaven and earth, the mystical and the practical.  Much like living in the dream.

I was also impressed by the formation of “Titania’s Veil.”  Here I had to stop and place my hand on my heart.  I could feel it pulsing in a wave of bliss.  Her veil felt so safe and full of grace.  This was a most mystical stop for me through the caverns.  A place to recharge my strength and endurance.  A place of inspiration and light.

This shimmering white formation is pure calcite, the result of spreading crystalline deposits. These deposits, commonly called flowstone, spread laterally, coating walls or ceilings. The Smithsonian Institution commented, “Here in this studio of nature are reproductions of all those objects which are wont to fill the mind with pleasure, wonder–objects whose multiplicity, variety and splendor would exhaust the whole literature of mythic and fairy lore in providing names for their infinite diversity of beauty.” Titania’s Veil was named for Shakespeare’s Fairy Queen from his play A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Many other discoveries are within the chambers of Luray.  An inspiring stop for the Yogi’s journey to the heart!

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