In my career, I have discovered that Yoga teaches by way of discovery, and by what it means to an individual. Yoga enables one to look at life from two sides, both outward and inward. What happens in between, is revealed through the practice. My philosophy is to bring together the physical base foundations and provide a cohesive and balanced Yoga practice. I offer all of this, by led classes, retreats, workshops, and teacher trainings. This means when you show up for practice you know not to worry, you are there to obtain the benefits of a healthy and holistic practice. Maintaining presence in the body and feeling stable will always be within the first tier for my classes. This enables transformation through various physiological functions of the body into harmony with modern day Yoga.

The practice is there for you to become confident in understanding what it is you are doing. The results are physical poise, mental clarity, and hopefully learning the discipline it takes to incorporate meditation in your daily practice. Drawbacks happen when doing too much in life and the same goes for doing too much on our mat. Yoga starts from consciousness, clearing a path to my classes is aligning that with your body and open mind each day. What works is when we come face to face with our truth. The entire functioning and infrastructure of the human body and mind. This is acceptance and becoming responsible for ourselves and it is something we can continue to work on together. A successful and prosperous Yoga practice is done with self awareness, focus, intelligence, and a compassionate heart. Cultivating peace and joy as we help one another to make a commitment to do the work.

I have realized that my most enjoyable moments happen in my career happen when I remove the obstacles on my path in a group practice. For more than a decade, I have watched the population discover Yoga in Baltimore and around the world.

I’ve not set out to do what is easy to get by in life. What becomes important for my classes is elongating a meaningful journey to the heart of Yoga. The journey begins once you establish Yoga as happening now. The effort you put towards it, is revealed in every waking grateful moment of your life. It may at times be technical, spiritual, or it could fluctuate. That effort, once established though, will never stop. It is my intention to do what it takes to refine and inspire you to reach and meet a steady and consistent yoga practice, throughout our time together and your life.