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n the classical text of the Bhagavad Gita, the highest teaching is to love, above all.  The teaching of the Gita is all embracing, and this weaves through many lifetimes, religions, and human diversity.  Self realization is described as the true goal.  How can we begin to understand this self love through our experiences and love ourselves through the practice of yoga postures?  Embracing the postures of yoga with ease is not that easy for most of us.  There are many blockages, obstacles, and fears that require acknowledgement and eradication before we can embrace the divine everlasting love that pervades from within our very own hearts.  Hence, we battle with our bodies and minds daily by rushing to get from here to there and we take it all to the mat!

We live in a thought provoking society, where thinking is drawn upon daily.  This has bled into most of our practices, and when it is time to start the day or end the day with postures we are STILL thinking without closure!  Here are some ways to practice with a little more self love.

~ The essence of Bhakti Yoga is practicing yoga as love.

~ Set an intention, and offer gratitude.

~ Listening and singing to the devotional sounds of chanting mantra’s along with your practice is a way to cultivate the voice from truth and love, not to be triggered into a state of trance.

~ Honoring yoga as dance, so the transitional movement of asana to asana (posture to posture) becomes a flow of grace.  A glimpse of the dance comes to us in the form of Lord Siva, the Yogi of Yogi’s.

~Allow your breath to initiate every move you make.  As long as you are breathing mindfully you are practicing Yoga.

As the summer begins take these offerings, and experience practicing on your mat with love as a flow whose very nature is to move into and out of us like the air, like the song of realization.  Let’s begin practicing as if no one is watching, and start loving the letting go of a human doing and become a human being.

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