I hope you are doing well under the circumstances.  I am writing to connect with you virtually.  I care a lot about our yoga community.  During this time, we get to take a worthy pause together, a spiritual retreat.  We are all adapting and that can be a joyful experience.  I sincerely care about how you are doing through this public health crisis. I miss you and can’t wait to get back to our practices together in the studio again.

I am learning a lot along the way.  All of my classes are being taught from my home.  I would LOVE to practice with you through this channel.

My classes are being live-streamed on Severna Park YogaWorks You tube channel.  It’s FREE! and easy to subscribe, like my classes, and leave comments. You can practice with me LIVE or check out the videos at anytime that is better for you.

If you like, no pressure!… share my you tube link with everyone you know who is interested in supporting our Yoga Community.  You can also email me, FB message, or instagram me a picture of yourself during our practice time with any comment/ feedback from our time together and I will post to my story!

Just keep holding yourself up and BREATHE.  Practice your Yoga with ease.  There’s an unspeakable beauty within us all. I appreciate you!

An Introduction

Jessica Crowley is a highly skilled and celebrated Yoga teacher known for her devotional style of teaching that incorporates both physical and spiritual aspects of the practice of Yoga. She is a “Natural Yoga Bohemian” of the Baltimore culture. Her Vinyasa practice encourages free movement and is a form of Bhakti Yoga–Yoga from the heart, designed to harmonize and restore our vital energy with love. On physical, energetic, and mystical levels she invokes Yoga to empower, deepen, and heal the cores of students in her classes.

Classes & Programs

One on One

Upcoming Schedule

While studios are closed, I’ll be streaming on YouTube at the follow times:

6:00am - 7:00am
6:00am - 7:00am
9:30am - 11:00am
6:00am - 7:00am
9:30am - 11:00am

IG Feed

Today’s practice begins at 1:30pm on YW Baltimore 1 you tube channel. Follow the link to my website and click on livestream or go direct to YW website. Easy to follow steps and instructions for our practice together. •

We will apply the Yoga Sutra of letting go of our attachments through Yoga. Vairagya is non- attachment with Abhyasa (a dedicated practice) we can go beyond our ego mind and recognize our inherent nature. This Sutra is key in everything we do, from a single pose to the process of meditation. •

Bring it! Your cat, your dog, your cow, whatever makes you happy baby! 😃 •

See you on the mat today, Thursday 4/2 at from 1:30-2:30pm. * These practice’s will remain in the YW archive for an unprecedented period of time

In love and grace....

Yoga schedule through this week. Check in LIVESTREAM link on my website or Yogaworks
www.jesscrowley.com •
Thurs.1:30-2:30pm - YW Baltimore 1
Fri. 6:00-7:00am - YW Baltimore 1
Sun. 9:30-11:00am - Jess Crowley Ambrose “You Tube”

With Love and Gratitude...

New class is up on Severna Park Yogaworks You Tube! Click on link to my website in bio and the livestream link will take you to it. 💓

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———————————————— L I V E S T R E A M 🌞Wednesday Morning
Vinyasa Flow 6-7am 1 hour •

Severna Park Yogawork’s You tube!

————————————————————————The essential nature of this.
I am here.
Holding space,
Honoring the physical body, harnessing the breath. •

Yoga has always evolved to meet the needs of the culture and community of people who assemble together. This is that “Sangha” of sorts we are having; a virtual sacred togetherness. •

Week 3: 3/30-4/5
Mon. Wed. Fri.
6-7am (YW YouTube)
Thurs. 9:30-11am (YW YouTube)
Sunday 10-11:30am (Zoom) ——————————————
We will stretch with ease, puraka, recaka, and quiet the chattering vrittis.
With love and gratitude ...